Who We Are

Kiggu is a leading cybersecurity company that offers an automated platform to simplify consulting processes in ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis and management, vulnerability scanning, web application services, web application scanning, static, and Spearfish code testing.

Kiggu artificial Intelligence platform was created years before AI was a popular term. Its algorithms, automated bots, and code-automated processes provide an improved and efficient testing experience.

Additionally, we continue to innovate and add new services to our platform to stay ahead of the growing threat from cyberspace and protect our customers.

Social Engineering Tests

Cybersecurity awareness for employees.

Spear phishing. Vishing - phone calls . Unauthorized physical access: collecting Physical information, computing devices and performing techniques such as dumpster diving. Fake access point – fake app.

Kiggu Professional - Ethical Hacking

VS – Vulnerability Scanning

WAS – Web Application Scanning

VM – Vulnerability Management

VA – Vulnerability Assessment

EH – Ethical Hacking

OS-SAST – APP Security Testing

Are you ready to secure your assets?